Thursday, April 2, 2009

Band together against hate

Daily Star publishes second letter to the editor

Band together against hate
I am writing in response to the editorial published in the March 25 edition of The Daily Star's Opinion section concerning the Diversity Rules publication.
I support the efforts made by Jim Koury and hope that the writer of the hate mail is met with the full extent of the legal system. I congratulate Mr. Koury on his publication and hope that he isn't swayed by this radical's attempts to deter him from his course.
I know that when I say Oneonta is behind you, it can be with full and unwavering support from the community. We need men like Koury to set the stage for this last great push for gay rights.
I hope that every single member of this great community can band together with our hearts and give thanks to Mr. Koury. I wish to congratulate you in person, someday. Stay the course!
Cory Greenberg


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